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Emilie Rossignol

Emilie Rossignol

Within Hooft Pharma Services Sàrl I provide expertise in scientific and medical publishing, based on my vast experience in this area (>90  papers published so far in peer-reviewed Journals including Nature, Science, Lancet and PNAS), covering topics in the full drug/diagnostics discovery pipeline and beyond, in a large variety of therapeutic areas. 


In an era where transparency, accountability and visibility are increasingly important, let me help you to navigate how, where and when to disclose your results and become more successful.

We are a specialist pricing, reimbursement and market access consultancy offering an integrated, evidence-based approach to optimising market access. Our strength lies in our ability to understand the market access challenges from your perspective and to develop payer-focused solutions tailored to your business needs.

Our core offerings are built around the belief that a successful market access strategy is the result of:
• The development and execution of an optimal pricing and market access strategy
• The development of an appropriate organisation-wide pricing and market access mind-set
• Excellence in market access training and capability development

We are an independent medical writing company established in Geneva in 2009. We specialize in writing regulatory documents for the pharmaceutical industry, clinical and non-clinical manuscripts for peer-reviewed publication, and in providing scientific support to medical affairs and marketing.

I am a writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience in medical and scientific research, in the pharmaceutical industry and in other settings including science publications and health-related non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
I am familiar with most major therapeutic areas, with particular experience in autoimmune and inflammatory disease, rheumatology, and neurology, and I enjoy learning about new topics.
English is my mother tongue, and I have a keen appreciation of precision, nuance, and clarity. I prepare documents in English only.
Let me bring my expertise to your projects!

Octave Biotech Consulting is a biopharmaceutical business development consultancy firm based in Geneva.  We have a strong expertise in developing partnering strategies, structuring deals, and negotiating term sheets and license agreements for a wide range of transactions (biotech-biotech, biotech-pharma, academic collaborations, etc).

We also help companies to seek non-dilutive financing from government or philanthropic organizations.

Our clients include small, mid-sized, and large biopharmaceutical firms in Switzerland, France, Germany, and the UK.

Quartz Bio offers bioinformatics services to the pharmaceutical industry in the field of exploratory biomarker data analysis. Quartz Bio employs highly specialized scientists with in-depth understanding of biology and bioinformatics, combined with a long-standing experience of the drug development processes. Exploratory biomarker analyses are at the heart of precision medicine, and we believe that Quartz Bio's flexible and highly specialized services offering will bring added value to pharmaceutical companies for the development of new drugs.

• Provide as a service the design of humanization of mouse / rat antibodies using a modernized version of the traditional CDR grafting technique.
• Provide as a service project plan for antibody projects from discovery to preclinical development and oversee if necessary the progression of the project.
• Due diligence and evaluation of antibody technologies.
• Provide expert advice on broad antibody engineering aspects; especially choice of isotype, affinity maturation, effector function and FcRn binding.

NeuroAssets is a Neuroscience consulting company working with Pharma, Biotech and Academia on a variety of projects targeting novel therapeutics for brain disorders.  The Company provides strategic guidance and operational management, either for existing companies with such assets, or inventors / entrepreneurs in the creation of start-ups to develop their assets. NeuroAssets also connects innovative neuroscience with financing opportunities.

Calypso Biotech SA is a preclinical stage company discovering and developing antibody therapies for severe gastrointestinal diseases. Calypso Biotech SA is a spin-off from Merck-Serono incorporated in 2013 with offices and laboratory within the Eclosion incubator in Plan-les-Ouates and currently has 3 employees.

1. Services informatiques sur site : gestion de votre infrastructure, mise en place de solutions informatiques complexes (support/dépannage, bases de données, communications, programmation, etc).


2. Services à distance (hébergement sur nos serveurs), tels que : gestion documentaire, sauvegarde, site web, publicité, synchronisation d’agenda – de contacts – de documents – d’emails, etc., garantis en Suisse.


3. Gestion de projets (projet simple ou compliqué, multi-culturel, mutli-géographique) en respect des coûts – délai – qualité.

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