Geneva Pharma Network

Event Type 1: Classical Networking Meetings



These events are optimized to promote contacts and networking, being structured meetings each involving a limited number of members.

Event Type 2: Presentation and Networking



The objectives of these meetings are, in a single event, to (1) provide information on a topic of interest to a broad cross section of members, and (2) provide an opportunity to get to know the widest possible range of other members (in less depth than will occur in a Type 1 meeting).

Event Type 3: Working Groups



The objective here is to bring together a group of members to focus over a period of time on aspects of a topic of practical interest. This group would allow members to share experience, exchange information and help each other.

Event Type 4: Tutorial Sessions



Tutorial Sessions are intended to help members update their knowledge on a specific subject, learn more on a new topic, or give the opportunity to pass knowledge on other members. This may be done with lecture and Q&A sessions led by in-network experts, through case studies, or by other means as appropriate to the topic.